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The former Township of Belmont and Methuen and the Village of Havelock amalgamated in 1998 to form the present Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen.  The Township is very proud of its history and heritage and has seen a lot of growth since our early settlers discovered the area.  

History of the former Township of Belmont and Methuen

Belmont Township (formerly called Mora before 1823) is located in the south east corner of Peterborough County and borders on Seymour Township, Northumberland County to the south and Marmora Township, Hastings County to the east.

For administration purposes, Methuen Township (formerly Carlos) was added to Belmont making the United Townships of Belmont and Methuen.  According to municipal records, the first survey of the township took place in 1823.  However, this survey was not complete and a more accurate survey was undertaken in 1833.

In 1855, Belmont and Methuen became a Corporate Township in the County of Peterborough. Before 1855, Belmont was joined to Asphodel Township for Administrative purposes.

One cannot imagine the toil and hardship of these early settlers who sought to seek a new beginning in a land so vast and rugged.  The dense forests of white pines, the numerous lakes and rivers and the outcropping of bold rock must have carried many anxious moments in the minds of these brave and hearty souls of Belmont and Methuen.

Information taken from "The Broken Twig an illustration of Belmont Township" written by Robert Watson.

History of the former Village of Havelock

Havelock, a typical Ontario Village of about 1,300 people was incorporated as a village on June 18, 1892.  At its beginning it was recognized as attractive, well served with a school, churches and other social amenities.  Railroading was the basic reason for its beginning, but in the later part of the 1900's, mining, storekeeping, and employment (necessitating commuting to other nearby centres) provided a livelihood for its people.

In the beginning a small settlement developed shortly after 1823 at "Old Havelock", a four corner site (the current site of Old Norwood Road and County Road 30).  A road led south from that intersection to Trent River, while another road ran east toward Preneveau and Marmora.  A road running north went to Feddick's farm and a curvy road from the west went to Norwood.  The little community consisted of a Post Office, a store, a bakery, a blacksmith and a millinery.

In 1998, the Village of Havelock amalgamated with the surrounding Township of Belmont-Methuen to form the new municipality of the Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen.  The vision statement created by the community and Township Council to direct the future decision making for this newly created municipality is "A caring community, bridging the past and present:  working together making dreams come true." 

Information taken from "Havelock Through the Years" and "The Township of Havelock Belmont Methuen" compiled historic publications of Havelock written by Harold R. Hunter.

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