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Peterborough Public Health - Beach Closure Notice

CLOSED - Belmont Lake Beach (376 Mile of Memories Road) 

Please be aware, the most recent Peterborough Public Health beach testing result for the Belmont Lake Beach situated by the municipal boat launch has shown an e.coli concentration that exceeds the maximum acceptance limit according to the Ministry of Health guidelines. One of the five samples collected has >500 E. coli/100mL. 

LOCATION:  Belmont Lake (376 Mile of Memories Road, Belmont)
SAMPLE DATE:  26-June-2024

Beach Sampling Testing Results:

SAFE – Geometric Mean concentration of 5 samples with </= 200 E. coli/100mL water and/or Single-sample maximum concentration with </= 400 E. coli/100mL water
UNSAFE – Geometric Mean concentration of 5 samples with >200 E. coli/100mL water and/or Single-sample maximum concentration with >400 E. coli/100mL water
CLOSED – Potential adverse events such as confirmed blue-green algae bloom

Between sampling periods, the beach water may have unsafe levels of bacteria due to:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Large numbers of waterfowl
  • High winds or wave activity
  • Large numbers of swimmers

Important note: Although a beach may be open or posted as safe, we recommend avoiding swimming for at least 48 hours after recent heavy rainfall or if you cannot see your feet when standing in the water. Water quality can change quickly each day and high bacterial counts may be harmful to your health. 

The date of the sampling and the status are listed at Peterborough Public Health social media page and website here is a link: Peterborough Public Health Beach Testing Results.


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