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Boards and Committees

The Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen has established boards and committees to provide advice and recommendations to Council. Most committees include members of the public and Members of Council.

The Province legislates some committees and boards. Council also creates committees to address a specific topic or facility.

If you are interested in joining one of our Boards or Committees, please contact the Township for further information.

Municipal Volunteer Application


Community Representatives

Community representatives are appointed through a selection process at the beginning of the term of Council and at the mid-term of Council, for a two-year term. Vacancies are filled as necessary.

Note: The Library Board members are appointed for the term of Council

Committees may be set up, changed, disbanded and replaced by Council.


Volunteers are very important to the community. If you wish to help a committee but all positions are filled you can still volunteer to help in other ways such as with special projects. Please contact us at 705-778-2308 if you wish to help your community by being a township volunteer.  

Municipal Service Boards

Cemetery Board (5 Appointments)

Larry Pick
Mary Ellen Meyers
Rae McCutcheon
Rhonda Dabronic
Ron Gerow

Library Board (4 Appointments) 

Carolyn Knowles
Connie Whitmore
Cortney Carlow
Robbie Beatty

Note: The Library Board members are appointed for the term of Council

Police Services Board (1 Appointment)

Dave Harris

Committees of Council

Mathison Property Committee (4 Appointments)

John Nurse
Joshua Vettor
Michael Czerewko
Paul Wood

Economic Development Committee (5 Appointments)

Bill (BJ) Hay
Dave Sharpe
J.J. Hudson
Jill Hutcheon
Richard Wood

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